"Nope !"tired of being questioned about a "new album"Diam’s puts an end to all speculation!

A totally unexpected return! A few months ago, Diam’s signed its return through the Cannes Film Festival. Indeed, Vitaa’s sidekick, who had chosen to retire from the media and musical world several years ago, returned to the front of the stage to broadcast his autobiographical documentary: Hello. A documentary that delighted fans and even those who do not appreciate the interpreter of The Dumpling. The project has been seen millions of times and since then everyone has been hoping for the return of the former rap star.

Many thought it was going to happen. Rumors about a possible new album becoming more and more persistent. This is why, on November 19, a surfer took his courage in both hands and decided to ask Diam’s about it. The artist organized a question / answer with his subscribers on Instagram. Moment that the Internet user chose to ask him THE question that everyone has been asking for several weeks.

The end of hopes

“I heard you were going to release an album, is that true?”. Unfortunately, the answer was not what everyone was hoping for… Indeed, Diam’s quickly put an end to hopes while making things clear on this subject: “As I said in “Salam”, I will not be coming back more into the music world. So, no, it’s definitely not a new album.” Despite everything in the continuation of his intervention, the acolyte of Vitaa made an announcement which had something to delight his faithful.

“This is the original soundtrack of my film Salam which has been released for sale and online”. In fact, even if the rapper does not plan to return with an album, her fans will still have something to eat and will be able to obtain the fruits of her labor, even if some would have hoped for much more. But who knows, maybe in the next few months Diam’s will announce some big news.

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