Nope: the video of the moment in which Jordan Peele reveals to Brandon Perea that he is part of the cast

Jordan Peele showed his audience the moment he cast Brandon Perea in Nope, even revealing a few more details about the audition.

Jordan Peele he’s back to talking about his Nopesharing with a video an extremely intimate and genuine moment of Brandon Perea. His reaction to landing the part is unmatched in emotional terms, as evidenced by the film released online by the director to reveal what happened when he announced that he will be part of the cast.

Video, first released during an event hosted by the Critics Choice Association, on Monkeypaw Productions’ TikTok, shows us Brandon Perea’s very first reaction to learning that he has landed his part in Nope, with Peele choosing to rewrite part of the script even if you have it on board. Here the director also confessed that he had lengthened the time of his audition, making him return to acting a second time even though he already knew that he would have taken it.

Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele talk about the creation of Nope in a podcast

Brandon Perea plays the role of Angel Torres in Nope, the technician of an electronics store who finds himself entangled in the affairs of the protagonists of the film, coming to play an increasingly central role in their plans. As a reminder, Nope went on to gross over $170 million worldwide following its release, garnering both critical and commercial acclaim.

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