Non-Marvel and Non-DC Superhero Series and Movies


The superhero genre is the one that has grown the most in recent years and in Spoiler we share series and movies that are not from Marvel or DC.

Karl Urban is Dredd
© IMDbKarl Urban is Dredd

The superhero genre is the one that has grown stronger in recent years in the Hollywood film industry with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the great banner of this global phenomenon followed by the DC Extended Universe less successful but with great potential franchises such as Superman Y Batman. However, there are entries both in the world of cinema and series of characters that are not of any of these brands.

+Series and movies of heroes that are not from Marvel or DC

.5. Hancock

John Hancock is a superhero with powers that include supersonic flight, invulnerability, immortality, and super strength. Although he uses his abilities to rescue people from criminals, his activity inadvertently causes millions of dollars in property damage due to his constant drunkenness and cynical attitude. He will have to find a solution to this problem!

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.4. Spawn

A mercenary named Al Simmons is betrayed and murdered by his boss with impunity. When he goes down to hell, he makes a pact with the devil to return to Earth in the form of Spawn, and thus be able to see his wife again, although he returns to the world of the living disfigured and with the memory of she affected by her. He soon realizes that he must stop the very people responsible for his current situation.

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.3. hellboy

Born from the flames of Hell sixty years ago during World War II, Hellboy (Ron Perlman) was sent to Earth by the evil madman Grigori Rasputin (Karel Roden) to do evil. Destined to be a harbinger of the Apocalypse, Hellboy was rescued by the Allied Forces led by Professor Broom and became a strange hero of good, fighting against the forces of evil that threaten our world.

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.two. Dredd

Those in charge of ending chaos and imposing order are individuals who act as law enforcement officers, judges, juries and executioners at the same time. Leading them is Dredd, a living legend of justice who lives entirely dedicated to enforcing the law. On a routine mission with Cassandra Anderson, a rookie judge gifted with great psychic abilities, they set out to investigate a homicide in a dangerous 200-story skyscraper.

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.1. TheBoys

Superheroes represent the dark side of celebrity and fame. A group of vigilantes who call themselves “TheBoys” He decides to do everything possible to stop the almighty Homelander and his invincible team that are harming society, regardless of the risks that this confrontation may bring them. It is a successful television series.

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