Nolwenn Leroy: Her NEW and especially UNEXPECTED statements she just made about her son Marin …

Since Friday November 12, Nolwenn Leroy’s eighth album, The mare, is available ! An opus in which is a song, My beautiful privateer which is a declaration of love to her little boy, now 4 years old, Marin, the fruit of his relationship with Arnaud Clément.

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The arrival of her only child in her life forced her “to (s) ‘organize differently”. “I don’t have a nanny and take care of Marin all the time”, she told Femme Actuelle before talking about what he likes. “He loves to read, and I love this moment when he is going to choose a book from the library to be read together. I can see myself at his age … I was offered a collection of books of legends of the all over the world, I loved it – and still today, for that matter “.

Earlier this month, the winner of the second season of Star Academy had already spoken about motherhood.

“We are all a little afraid to see our children grow up”, she explained to our colleagues from Purepeople. “At the same time, we expect that, we want to wear them, to see them come out of the nest, that they have confidence in themselves, that they have dreams, passions, that they are thirsty to live, to travel. It’s not for nothing if his name is Marin! But at the same time, we are also seized with an anguish at the arrival of a child that we have never known before. Before, we are anxious for ourselves – Even, we do not have the responsibility of a small being. And then you can not imagine your life any more without him, it is a mad love and that is scary. Fear for him, and because we live in a world also in which we are afraid for the future. We are a little steeped in anguish … “

Towards a second child?

In a relationship for more than 12 years with the former tennis player, the interpreter of Brazil Finistère was asked about the possibility of her getting married. If that’s not on the agenda, she made another revelation. “I would like a second child. With my little sister Kay, another love of my life, we share such a strong bond … I wish Marin happiness”, she declared to Gala.

In the meantime, the arrival of a second child, the star devotes himself as much as possible to the one she considers, as “the center of (s) a life, of (s) our universe“.

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