Nohavica demolished the O2 Universum: METAL FROM PUTINU VZDORY

A month ago, Nohavica struggled with the disruption of concerts, now it is selling out the halls again. The singer got to the disadvantages of some Czech and Polish cities after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He refused to return Pushkin’s medal, which he took over from Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. “Why should Nohavica return the metal he got for his work? He is proud of that medal and whoever gave it to him is not important at all, “ said Aha! one of the visitors to the Prague concert. Nohavica had a choir of several thousand.

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And when the hall sensed that the end was near, she stood up. “Just stretch,” he commented with a smile and then added: “I don’t want to do it, as I would expect to leave, you will clap and I will come back and sing the encore and so it will happen again. I do not want it. I will be happy to add and sing without applause and when I leave, I will not return, “ the songwriter told the audience and the people acknowledged it with applause. Nohavica then launched his best, including the Marod March, which he said goodbye to, or Comet. The people in the hall sang to him like life, and their shiny eyes spoke clearly: Nohavica, we love you.

Jaromír Nohavica – admired despite the metal by Putin

Jaromír Nohavica

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