"No way !"Sylvie Tellier closes the door to the "star Academy" : why she refuses to be alongside Jean-Pascal?

The Star Academy has given birth to many stars. Starting with Jenifer and Nolwenn Leroy. And the TF1 group, aware that it was a big television machine, is now preparing its big comeback.

Moreover, Sylvie Tellier was approached by the production to become the director of this new promotion. But the Miss of Misses simply refused and explains it in an interview for Radio-Monaco.

“I was extremely touched that they thought of me for this kind of program because I was elected Miss France in 2001, it was the first year of Star Ac and it was Jenifer who won this program that I followed with great pleasure”, explained the main interested party. And to continue: “Honestly, I’m not sure that I will be expected in the role of director of Star Academy. I was extremely proud that people thought of me, but that is not part of my immediate plans. Not at all. But I’m sure they’ll have a director who will be fabulous in this exercise.”

“I sometimes suffered a bit from this role of director because you always need a conductor who is there to try to follow a line and enforce a rule. If in the future I have to do something, I would like to potentially not find myself in the application of rules”concluded Sylvie Tellier.

It should be remembered that Jean-Pascal Lacoste, in a relationship with his sister, Delphine, has agreed to be part of the new season of Star Academy. It could also be one of the reasons for this categorical refusal!

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