No vax again in the square: 5 thousand in Rome. Montagnier also intervenes in Milan: “The unvaccinated will save humanity”

Thousands gathered in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano a Roma it’s at Milano, lower numbers register a Naples. They return to piazza i no vax, again on Saturday, as during the protest season that saw them take to the streets against government regulations throughout the summer.

The most popular square is that of the capital, where the organizers ask the numerous participants to respect the provisions of the executive on individual protection, in order to avoid evictions by the police: “It’s a sit in. Sit down and stay spaced to respect all the rules of these gentlemen – they asked – and use them in our favor to prove that a united people can win“. As usual, the organizers remember that they returned to demonstrate “for freedom and truth” against the health dictatorship, between men, women and even children, most of them without bezel. Among the security volunteers, with the bibs that read “truth is freedom”, also i port of Genoa. “No virus is more dangerous than fear” reads one sign, “better to die free than live without freedom” is written in another, while someone claims that the majority of the people have taken to the streets. The same people, argues someone else, “bent” by that “Means of coercion” that is the pandemic.

The senator of the 5 Star Movement also spoke from the stage, Bianca Laura Granato: “I’m here to represent what happens in those buildings – he said in reference to Parliament – Where people like us are considered worse than animals. They took everything away from us. They did it in such an indifferent way, no debate has ever arisen, either in the classroom or in the Commission, on trampled constitutional rights. For them we are nothing ”. And then he continued his invective stating that “these criminals have placed an administrative procedure before our rights with the administration of doses of an experimental drug. Parliament and the government today are a limited liability company. If we do not make a hard and immovable resistance we should leave this country. These gentlemen will not only have to leave but will have to pay for the humiliations they made us live ”.

The former apostolic nuncio to the United States, Monsignor, also supported the square Carlo Maria Viganò, in a video broadcast during the sit in: “What happens is of antichristian matrix, exasperated by the absurd restrictions. Your protest is courageous and starts from fundamental principles such as the right to natural freedoms. I urge you not to give in to provocations ”. And he adds that those who “discriminate and prevent you from working and going to school are the same” who for years have “said to go against Jesus Christ, telling you to kill the babies inside your womb“.

The main target of the no vax attacks is the prime minister, Mario Draghi, defined the “Public enemy number one”. “We are the only country in the world” with these rules, they say. “They are experiencing the unconstitutional regime. Draghi is public enemy number one and we have to blow up this government. They are preparing for war. European union of servants ”. Among those who spoke there was also the suspended judge Angelo Giorgianni who recalled Domenico Biscardi, a recently deceased no vax leader, and the president of the Italian VAT numbers Angelo Di Stefano. “We are for freedom – says the latter – We will be the defenders of the Constitution, this is a warning. We are determined to organize ourselves throughout the territory and throughout Europe “. Present, as has happened in the past, too Enrico Montesano: “I am here to show you my affection and my solidarity – he said – Each of us must increase his awareness. We are here to demonstrate peacefully. We want to give a message of peace and hope but at the same time of civil disobedience “.

Demonstration also in the Lombard capital, where people gathered in Piazza XXV Aprile, in the Garibaldi area. It was to organize it Italexit, the party founded by Gianluigi Paragone. Among the various interventions, there is also that of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, the French virologist for years at odds with the scientific community Luc Montagnier, which has become a point of reference for the entire no vax galaxy. “There salvation of humanity and the end of this emergency will be in the hands of the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated will save humanity ”, he declared in connection with the square. “There has been a huge amount on vaccines strategy error. Contrary to what was initially said, these vaccines they absolutely do not protect and it’s slowly coming out. Scientists and the sick themselves are discovering that the vaccine does not work and instead of protecting it can favor other infections. Within these vaccines there is a toxic protein“.

The message from the stage of the same Paragone is also awaited, a connection with the former MotoGP rider Marco Melandri, which in an interview he said he had voluntarily contracted Covid for not having to vaccinate, and with Robert Kennedy Junior, another icon of the people ‘no vax’. In the square, some representatives of the police and the Italian army are also expected to be suspended from service.

Finally, there are a few dozen no vax who gathered in Piazza Dante in Naples. They are about 30-40, almost all without a mask. The appointment was for 3 pm, with the invitation conveyed as always through social media, but it does not seem to have had a great following. The presence of the singer was also expected Povia, which instead is not in the square. As usual, several units of the police were deployed in the field, many of them in civilian clothes. At the end of the demonstration, the police station ordered a via sheet mandatory by the city e twenty penalties administrative due to failure to use the mask. The removal struck the entrepreneur Nicola Franzoni who was sued for contempt following the statements made after the death of the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.

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