No Tom Cruise: Brad Pitt emulated this action star for the “Bullet Train” stunts

A suitcase, a speeding train, a contract killer and seven strange characters that are after him. “Bullet Train” is almost two hours of funny action that you shouldn’t miss in the cinema under any circumstances.

After “Atomic Blonde” and “Deadpool 2” (stream on Disney+), director and producer David Leitch has ventured into his next action-packed blockbuster with “Bullet Train” and made a wonderfully entertaining precision landing that you in cinemas now can see.

Action Brad Pitt’s style

We had the chance to interview David Leitch, lead actor Brad Pitt, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to talk about the film.

Not only were we able to tease them about a possible Bullet Train 2, we got a chance to talk about the film’s brilliant action scenes. If you remember Jackie Chan for the kind of action humor, you’re on the right track. Brad Pitt admits in our conversation that they based his scenes on the old master’s fighting style. You can find out who he and his colleagues would send on the suitcase hunt and which two characters should tell their story in another film in the following video:

Hilarious Action Comedy: This Is Bullet Train

In the action comedy, unlucky Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is given what appears to be a simple assignment: He is to steal a small suitcase on the Japanese Shinkansen express train and get off the train. What sounds relatively easy turns out to be a difficult undertaking, however, because he is not the only hitman who has it in for the suitcase. The two brothers Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry, “Eternals”) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “Tenet”) are also holding on to the suitcase, and Prince (Joey King, “The Kissing Booth”) also has the small silver container in it Eye. The four are not alone, however, as other Shinkansen passengers seem to be after the suitcase. You can find out who Ladybug has to compete against in the trailer:

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