No to awards for doctors and no to the entrance test: I will tell the minister that health care must be defended

You need to have ideas to be able to share or criticize them. Health and sanitation need ideas. Those of the new Minister of Health, Horace Schillaci, for now, they remain words, albeit with real and basic targets for organizing yet another new restructuring of the health system which, especially in recent years, has brought out every gap. So I read, for example, about awards to the doctors or students they choose difficult specialties. Considerations “based on my personal experience”, reflections on local medicine and again on the use of continuity of care doctors.

Many words, I repeat, which remain so if not developed into real ideas and projects. For this Friday November 18th at 18 I decided to participate in a conference in the Gonfalone hall of the Pirelli building in Milan where they invited me to expose my true ideas. For those who won’t have time to come and listen to me, and why not for the new Minister of Health recently in office, I briefly anticipate what I will say. Because speak like a doctor, and as a frequent visitor to operating theaters for decades where everything has to run properly, it’s better; as it is better said than not said, but more than anything it is better to make others listen, criticize and hopefully share.

So “based on my personal experience” I guess for satisfy doctors don’t need, perhaps as in life, to offer more economically (is medicine after all a mission?), but to organize in such a way that no one can attack the medical profession without justification. It goes without saying that offenders remain offenders, but allowing for example underhanded TV commercials in which plethoras of lawyers are waiting to attack like vultures diminishes the willingness to sacrifice for others. It is obvious that the selection with entrance tests to medicine, now unjustified, does not help. As well as it goes without saying that only control systems measures reduce the risk of abuse by those who want to exploit the health and illness of citizens for their own ends. Just as it is obvious that only conditioned access to the national need for the various specialties allows for a fair distribution in every area.

For the local medicine it is necessary to make it public, no longer accredited private, and to organize real ones hospital wards of basic medicine with doctors who act as satellites to accredited private hospitals or clinics. They would go back to doing what they studied for close to specialists and hospitals will “use” them as the first filter to reduce waiting times in the emergency room for real emergencies. In this case we would no longer need to to build new structures of continuity.

With few ideas we have filled so many words. Why should politicians be like this. They have to say what they think, but above all keep it after being elected or appointed, otherwise they would be perjurers. I understood this from my dear friend Vittorio when he explained to me what happened to him at the end of his beloved wife’s life and which you can read in his pieces “desecrators” very interesting.

“In the last phase of his illness my wife spoke serenely of his imminent departure – Vittorio explains to me – and, with regard to his funeral ceremony, she had repeatedly been promised and confirmed that the exit of the coffin from the church would be accompanied from the notes of Go, thought by Giuseppe Verdi. He cared very much about her because all the funeral ceremonies of her family members (now all deceased) had followed this tradition and, for her, this represented an ideal reunion with them. The priest (is it a mission like medicine?), who had promised so much even on his deathbed, did not keep. It was considered perjury by my friend to the point of stimulating the profound reflections that you will be able to read, chapter after chapter, with me.

We’ll have to consider you perjure yourself even politicians?

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