No or few jerseys, the English in panic

This is an unprecedented situation affecting English football. Professional clubs are experiencing serious supply problems with jerseys for sale. A shortage that impacts merchandising.

The period of the summer off-season is that of major changes within the clubs: players, coaches but also outfits for the new season. Jerseys that are snapped up like hotcakes in England, a land that is assiduous in football where everyone is linked to one of the very many clubs in the Kingdom. In the Premier League but also in the different clubs, 92 exactly, which make up the four professional divisions counted. However, this year, not everything is going as planned since the shirts are running out in stores. An unprecedented and very damaging shortage when merchandising is an important point in English football.

Lost deliveries at port and slow trade

Thus, of the 92 professional clubs, only 44 of them have all their outfits available on the shelf. Worse, 19 clubs have nothing to offer for sale even today. A problem that hits both big and small. In the Premier League, Leeds United will not be able to sell their new jersey until the end of August, well after the resumption of the championship. Its equipment supplier, the German Adidas, justifies this by ” unprecedented challenges over the past year “.

Delays which are explained by the difficulties experienced by world trade in terms of circulation and production due to the war in Ukraine but above all to the Covid. However, certain comical situations are added to the commercial context as is the case with the fourth division club of Stockport County. The latter saw his equipment supplier Puma misplace 15% of his jerseys at the port. This is enough to spoil the party at the start of the season and create a hole in the budget while in the United Kingdom, the sale of shirts is more than elsewhere a solid resource for clubs.

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