No one-night stand at the World Cup, Qatar confirms

The World Cup in Qatar is approaching and both players and fans will face ultra-strict rules during the big football party.

The organization of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already aroused a lot of mistrust due to the working conditions on the stadium sites for several months. The information revealed on Tuesday by the Daily Star will not improve Qatar’s popularity rating six months before the World Cup. And for good reason, the English tabloid reveals that sexual relations will be officially prohibited during the competition, which officially begins on November 21, except for married couples. And for good reason, sexual relations outside marriage as well as homosexuality are purely and simply prohibited in Qatar under penalty of a prison sentence of up to seven years. Very clear with the players and supporters, FIFA has indicated that there will be no “no exceptions” to this rule during the World Cup.

Sex strictly forbidden in Qatar

A police source indicates in the columns of the tabloid that the sex will not be ” on today’s agenda “ in Qatar “except for couples”. And to specify. “There will definitely be no one-night stands at this tournament. There will be no party at all, really. Everyone needs to keep a cool head, unless they want to risk ending up in jail. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, sex is prohibited. Fans need to be prepared” launched this police source.

Hotels are canceling reservations

Suffice to say that this rule established by Qatar is likely to put off more than one supporter and more than one player as this usually very festive event approaches at all levels. The Emir of Qatar himself has already responded to similar controversies recently, explaining that he welcomes all the cultures of the world, but that those who come to Qatar must respect the cultures and the law of the Emirate. “ I also want everyone to come and understand and appreciate the different cultures equally. We all live on the same planet, but each of us has different cultures. We welcome everyone, but we also expect and want people to respect our culture “, has already warned Sheikh Al-Thani. The first sanctions have also fallen, since couples who did not have the same surname have seen their hotel reservations canceled in recent weeks.

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