No more wasting time cleaning the floors. The new smart Tesla vacuum cleaner will take it for you

Quality, function, price and performance. It is Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum Laser. A new robotic vacuum cleaner, thanks to which you can have a perfectly clean household all year round. Thanks to easy control via the application, cleaning can be scheduled from anywhere. A smart robotic vacuum cleaner saves time, money and energy.

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It also captures fine dust particles and allergens

Thorough vacuuming and wiping can help reduce the side effects of allergens. The Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum Laser can handle both, for the wiping function all you have to do is simply replace the dirt container with a container with water and a mop. The fine HEPA filter cleans the intake air of animal dust and also catches mites and other allergens. Allergy sufferers can thus breathe clean air with satisfaction and almost no work.

Vacuums and wipes on command

The safe movement of the Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum Laser vacuum cleaner is ensured by sensors that detect obstacles and prevent even falling down stairs. If the vacuum cleaner still gets narrow (for example, it gets tangled in forgotten cables), it will call for help with an audible signal.

Classic vacuum cleaners are very loud, so often you can’t hear your own words. On the contrary, the Tesla Smart robotic vacuum cleaner has a built-in quiet Eco mode. During cleaning, you can work undisturbed or watch your favorite series.

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An intelligent helper

No drivers or complicated instructions are needed. The robot easily connects to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi. All you need is the Tesla Smart application, which is fully in Czech. In it, you can control the robot, edit interactive maps, schedule cleaning or select from cleaning modes. There are a total of three – eco cleaning, standard cleaning and intensive cleaning.

But there is no danger of an unsolicited quiet household with a robotic vacuum cleaner. The smart app supports voice commands, so once connected to one of Google’s personal assistants or Amazon Alexa, you’ll be able to control the robotic vacuum cleaner as well.

High suction power and long life

The Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum Laser has a suction power of 2,200 Pa, so it can also handle crumbs, hair and hair in carpets. The castors overcome obstacles up to a height of 1.5 cm and, thanks to their low construction, the vacuum cleaner can also slide under the couch or other furniture on legs. With a full charge of the 3,000mAh battery, the vacuum cleaner will clean for up to 140 minutes before reaching the base, recharging, and then continuing to clean exactly where it left off.

Thanks to its height of 7.4 cm, the robotic vacuum cleaner gets into almost every hole. It will not be a problem to store it, it will find a place in every household. Modern design in white will complement the interior of your home.

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Save time and comfort

Most households vacuum at least twice a week. With each vacuuming, we can count on at least an hour of work, which corresponds to about eight hours per month. And that’s the time! Why not use this time for dinner with friends, reading a nice book or visiting the cinema? Thanks to the robotic vacuum cleaner, you can save eight hours of free time and also consume far less electricity than with a conventional vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum cleaner not only saves time, but also reduces the operating costs of the entire household.

Smart robotic vacuum cleaner Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum Laser is only available on the e-shop Tesla Smart and also u selected sales partners, for the recommended price of CZK 7,999. You can now buy a smart vacuum cleaner at the Tesla Smart e-shop with a discount of CZK 500. You will get a discount code through celebrities. Eva Burešová, a well-known actress and singer, or Martina Helis, a participant in the second series of the Robinson Island show, will take part. The event will last from 15.6. until the end of June 2022.

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