No Jumping Down! 5 Recent Productions of ACTION with Women BAD ASS

Female empowerment is becoming increasingly strong in the most varied spheres of our society and in Hollywood cinema, the thing works in full swing. It’s true that cinema has long featured strong, independent women, often surpassing their male co-stars as the true queens of the show. So are Hollywood stars, many capable of drawing crowds simply by the strength of their name above their title.

Although equality has not yet been achieved, it is safe to say that there is no genre today where actresses cannot star, and better yet, do as well as men or even better. And action is a genre where female protagonism has been expanding over the years, with each new season bringing a new batch of works with a woman at the forefront. With that in mind, we decided to create this new story – in the spirit of espionage and action production The Agents 355 (which opens in theaters on January 20) – featuring recent action films starring very bad ass. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

Jolt: Fatal Fury

The beauty Kate Beckinsale flees age like the devil from the cross. The actress is no stranger to action productions, many of which perform their own fight scenes. The biggest proof of this is the franchise night Angels, where the vampire Selene lives, always wearing her tight black latex. In fact, this makes it rival Jovovich mile for the post of queen of action B-movies. Recently Beckinsale gave an interview saying that he would only return to the movies night Angels if there was a crossover with Blade, from Marvel. Perhaps the actress will have to wait sitting down.

In the meantime, she stars in this Jolt for Amazon Prime Video – where she showcases blonde locks. The climate is also more colorful and not as gloomy as in night Angels. What doesn’t change is the fact that Beckinsale distributes shots, beatings and bombs left and right. Directed by a woman (Tanya Wexler), Beckinsale plays Lindy, a security guard with serious anger issues and homicidal tendencies, who wears a shock vest to suppress such instincts. One of the biggest attractions, however, is the stellar cast formed by Susan Sarandon, Bobby Cannavale, Stanley Tucci, Jai Courtney e Laverne Cox.

where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

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Would the title of this film be a tribute to the actress Kate Beckinsale? Unlikely. In any case, here we have another young actress who has also been in action cinema, acting in some renowned works, such as the recent Gemini Project (with Will Smith) e Birds of prey (with Margot Robbie). It’s about Mary Elizabeth Winstead who, here, has the chance to star in her first action film as the title character, an expert assassin. On her last mission in Tokyo, facing off against members of the Yakuza, Kate is poisoned and now has only 24 hours to exact revenge on those who plotted against her life. In this journey, the woman will meet and develop strong bonds of affection with a teenager, the daughter of one of her victims. Rounding out the cast, the veteran Woody Harrelson.

where to watch: Netflix.

Also known by its original title (Gunpowder Milkshake) was often compared to a more fun, female version of the beloved John Wick. Here is Karen Gillan (to Nebula of Guardians of the Galaxy) who gets the chance to star in their own genre film. With the aforementioned Marvel movies and the success of the franchise Jumanji, Gillan has become a recognizable name for action and adventure on the screen, and here you have the chance to carry as a protagonist for the first time a film of the genre. In the movie, Gillan lives Sam, a professional assassin. In childhood, Sam was abandoned by her mother Scarlet, role of Lena Headey (from Game of Thrones), also a contract killer. Now, she will need to go to her mother and also to other professionals in the field, in order to get rid of a common enemy. Completing the assassin team: Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh | e Carla Gugino; and the film also has Paul Giamatti in the cast.

where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

Released in theaters in early November 2021 by Imagem Filmes, this spy action thriller (originally titled The Protected) is directed by a specialist in the genre Martin Campbell, which reinvigorated 007 twice – in Goldeneye (1995) e Cassino Royale (2006). who star is Maggie Q, a Hawaiian actress of Vietnamese descent. Q is an experienced actress and has been in the cast of franchises such as Mission Impossible e Divergent at the movies. On TV, she starred in her own version of a tough assassin spy with Nikita (2010-2013).

Like most of the actresses on the list, the year 2021 brought a golden opportunity for the underrated Maggie Q: Star in your own renowned action vehicle. In addition to the director of weight, the actress has the chance to work with great veteran stars such as Samuel L. Jackson e Michael Keaton. in the plot, Q is Anna, a talented assassin, who was rescued as a child and raised as a daughter by the legendary killer Moody (Jackson). When he is murdered, she sets out on a revenge route against those responsible – reaching the character of Keaton.

where to watch: The Professional was shown in theaters in Brazil, but has not yet entered the collection of any streaming platform. Keep an eye out.

Another one whose release will be exclusive to theaters, this action-packed feature arrives in January, on the 20th, thus becoming one of the great releases of 2022 to debut the new annual crop of films – alongside the new Panic. Here we have starring not a woman bad ass, but five at once! Who pulls “the tram” is the redhead Jessica Chastain, who came up with the idea, called her friends, hired a colleague to direct and sold the project in Cannes for a record price to date in the Festival’s market. the purpose of Chastain was to create an action and spy film along the lines of franchises such as Mission Impossible, 007 e Bourne, but with a cast of professional female assassins. And for that, he brought a real constellation starring.

Before they even have a script ready, Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, Fan Bingbing e Marion Cotillard embarked on the idea, sold well by the talented Jessica Chastain. Promotional photos with the five took over the media, creating great anticipation for the film. But then came the mishaps. The first: Marion Cotillard had to withdraw from the project for scheduling reasons (that’s what the French star claimed) – being replaced by the “less flashy” Diane Krueger. Second: the Chinese Bingbing was the target of a scandal involving tax evasion of his company and simply disappeared from the map, after being pursued by the justice. The fact affected in parts the promotion and release of the film. We will, however, see what its impact on audiences will be after the world premiere.

where to watch: in cinemas across the country from January 20th.

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