"No it’s not true, it’s false…" : Anthony Delon reframes Pascal Praud and responds to rumors about his father!

At 57, Anthony Delon wants to tell his story. To return to the blessed time of childhood memories. As Barbara puts it so beautifully, “among all the memories, those of childhood are the worst…”, and the actor needed to immerse himself in this not always rosy period as he recounts in a book entitled “Entre chien and wolf” (Editions Cherche midi).
It’s not a settling of accounts […] I’m 57 today and I realized that there is no perfect family, that many of us had wounds that prevented us from being ourselves, such as abandonment or other injuries” he said a few weeks ago on the set of Laurent Delahousse.

But this book, Anthony Delon may also have written it to get rid of the too present image of his illustrious father. Guest of “L’heure des pros” this Friday, May 13, 2022, the son of Alain Delon rightly made it a point of honor to remember that he was not just a famous surname inherited from the patriarch with a thousand roles. When the host reminds him that we must constantly bring him back to his origins and associate him only with Romy Schneider’s former lover, Anthony Delon replies dryly: “No, it’s not true, it’s not true. …”

Proud of his career, Anthony Delon nevertheless recalled that his father had had a great influence on the way in which he built himself as a man. “I stopped being afraid of him at 17. He was locked up in his Paris office and didn’t want to see me. One day, I went upstairs to face him. Like in a horde, I was ready to measure me against the dominant. He understood it and he remained locked up”.

The 57-year-old actor also recalled that according to him, the woman his father loved the most was his mother, Nathalie. “There was only one Madame Delon“, recalled Anthony Delon who all the same had nice words against Mireille Darc whom he said to have” loved madly “.


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