No girlfriend! Cora Schumacher disappointed by Jenny Elvers

This friendship was put to the test. Cora Schumacher (45) and Jenny Elvers (50) met in the Show Club in a good mood. At first the two seemed to get along well with each other, until then Marc Terenzi (43) with them jenny hooked up. At first, Sarah Connor’s (41) ex was flirting with the former racing driver. After this Marc had to leave the show a week before, it was time for his girlfriend to say goodbye in the last episode. Cora fell the expulsion of jenny Not hard!

In conversation with celebrity flash betrayed Corathat they of jenny was disappointed as a friend. “Jenny didn’t act like a friend. She knows my past and tried to rub those stories in my face accordingly,” she explained. The 45-year-old hoped the two would stick together as they’ve been through similar experiences. “I really thought we were on good terms and I told her when she left that I’d like to keep our friendship going and work on it.”the model admitted.

Later in the interview, the mother of one son explained that jennys behavior made her very sad. Nevertheless looks Cora positively on her participation in the show: “I was able to take a lot with me from the show and it all helped me a lot.” She had become much stronger and was able to process and understand a lot.

Cora Schumacher and Marc Terenzi at “Club of Good Moods” 2022
Jenny Elvers wonders about Cora Schumacher
Cora Schumacher poses in front of the mirror

Instagram / coraschumacher

Cora Schumacher poses in front of the mirror

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