No classic horror movie scares fans on Netflix

Political films aren’t usually very successful with the general public, but that trend was broken with Je Suis Karl, a German drama that reached the Netflix’s international Top 10 in early October. Even though it wasn’t a horror movie, the plot of the film left countless subscribers scared because it approached a current dangerous wave: the rise of neo-fascism.

Je Suis Karl has been compared to other German film successes that address similar themes, such as the excellent The Wave (by Dennis Gansel) and The White Ribbon (by Michael Haneke).

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The feature is a German production directed by Christian Schwochow, through a screenplay by Thomas Wendrich. Luna Wedler and Jannis Niewöhner play the main characters.

Below is everything you need to know about Je Suis Karl’s plot, cast and critical reception on Netflix.

Meet If Juis Karl on Netflix

The story of Je Suis Karl begins with a German couple – Inès and Alex – illegally transporting a young Libyan refugee, Yusuf, from Budapest to Berlin.

Two years later, Alex’s daughter Maxi returns home to meet her two little brothers: Hans and Frank. Near the entrance, Alex receives a package for the neighbor. He takes the package into the apartment – ​​and that becomes his worst mistake.

The package was a bomb, and when it explodes inside the apartment, it kills Inès and her two young children. Only Maxi and Alex survive the attack.

After the funeral, reporters follow Maxi through the streets, and a charming young man helps her escape. He introduces himself as Karl, and invites the teenager for coffee. He then convinces Maxi to leave town for a while and attend the Re/Generation conference in Prague.

After a fight with her father, Maxi decides to run away from home, and ends up stopping at Re/Generation, starting a relationship with Karl and becoming more and more enchanted by his words.

“The film shows how a teenager is manipulated and exploited by a neo-fascist white supremacist movement in Europe, led by the charismatic Karl,” says the website Decider.

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Je Suis Karl’s cast is led by Luna Wedler and Jannis Niewöhner as Maxi and Karl, and also includes Milan Peschel, Elizaveta Maximova, Marlon Boess, Veronika Bellova, Aziz Dyab, Daniela Hirsh, Melanie Fouche and Hendrick Voss.

In critical reviews already published, the film received high praise, mainly for its direction and the importance of the story.

“It’s a very well-directed film, although its script is small in parts. Je Suis Karl is worth watching, especially for those willing to check out a very uncomfortable story”, commented the website Decider.

Je Suis Karl, according to critics’ opinion, is a good movie, but very heavy. The viewers’ experience is disconcerting, mainly because the film addresses an extremely current theme.

Je Suis Karl is now available on Netflix’s Brazilian catalogue; check out the trailer below.

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