"NMA 2022" : Cauet draws daring glasses and his companion shines in an outfit that reveals a lot!

A big and beautiful show took place this Friday, November 18 on TF1. As every year, the “NRJ Music Awards” attract many viewers gathered for this ceremony crowning all talents, French and international. The opportunity to see some great performances on stage by rare artists, world famous but also more confidential. Has the key for celebrities? A trophy like a music Oscar! Many are those who make the trip to the delight of the public even if, this year, multiple duplexes have been offered… often because of parallel concerts. Hence a certain disappointment in the end for the spectators of the Palais des Festivals. In terms of looks, however, the show was worth the detour!

Between the improbable outfit of Yanis Marshall who came to present the trophy for “French-speaking female artist of the year” to the beautiful and Belgian Angèle, to the transparent and sequined pink leotard of the rapper Lizzo, to the new cut and red color of Soprano… the pleasure of the eyes was assured! With more or less happiness. And surprise, on the room side, it was Cauet who created the surprise with his companion! On the NRJ Hit Music Instagram account, we see the host on a video where he climbs the steps lightly and cheerfully! Glasses, how to say, space-vintage accompanied by his half with a very indented dress! Like what, often, the show is sometimes where we do not expect it!

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