nitish kumar janata darbar: nitish kumar ke janta darbar me wheel chair par aaya shaksh baya kia apna dard kya bole cm

Like every Monday, this time also Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is listening to the grievances and problems of the people in the Janata Darbar. Along with this, necessary instructions are also being given to the concerned officials to remove it. In this episode, on Monday, a person reached the Chief Minister on a wheel chair and kept his point. He said that till now my Ayushman Health Card has not been made. Tried several times to the authorities but no hearing was held. A similar complaint was also filed by a woman, know then what did CM Nitish say on this?

What did the complainant who came on the wheel chair told the Chief Minister
In this case, the Chief Minister took a complaint and asked the youth that why was your Ayushman health card not made? He told that the officials said that your name is not in the 2011 census list, so the card was not made. The Chief Minister immediately gave necessary instructions to the officers. The man told the Chief Minister that he also has to get treatment.

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A woman also made a similar complaint, so the CM gave these instructions
With a similar complaint, a woman also reached the public court. He said that we are BPL card holders, yet our Ayushman health card has not been made. When the Chief Minister asked why the complainant told that the officers who came for the survey did not put our name on this card, on which the Chief Minister said that let’s see it now. The Chief Minister immediately called up the concerned department and instructed to look into the matter.

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Complaints of not getting Chief Minister’s incentive amount
In the Janata Darbar, some students had also reached the Chief Minister with their complaints. One of these youth told that in 2017 itself he had passed the matriculation examination with first division. However, he has not yet received the Chief Minister’s incentive amount. On this the Chief Minister said that how can this happen. He immediately called the Education Minister about this and sought information about the matter.

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CM Nitish called the Education Minister, said this thing
CM Nitish told the Education Minister that look at this related to the Chief Minister’s incentive amount, how is this matter going on since 2017? A student of Bhagalpur had passed class 10th examination in 2016 with first division. In his case also, the CM gave instructions to the officers.

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