Nitish Kumar angry to chirag paswan

Breaking the party bond on the occasion of the first anniversary of former Union Minister and LJP founder Ram Vilas Paswan, leaders of all parties reached the program, but none of the JDU leaders including Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attended. After this incident, questions are being raised in the political corridor of Bihar that Bihar Governor Fagu Chauhan reached Ram Vilas Paswan’s death anniversary but why did not the CM and any of his party leaders go. Various things are happening about this question, but it has become clear that CM Nitish Kumar is very upset with Chirag Paswan.

CM did not come in Paswan’s anniversary even after lakhs of efforts of Chirag
On the occasion of Ram Vilas Paswan’s death anniversary, Chirag Paswan was asked why CM Nitish did not come to the program, in response, he said that every effort was made to invite the CM but it was not possible to reach him. Chirag Paswan said that he had registered his name to meet CM Nitish, but he was not given time. A day before the program, an invitation letter was sent to a person but it was not accepted in the CM office. Chirag even said that Ram Vilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar have been politicians of the same era. That’s why he should leave the political distance and come to the anniversary. Even after several attempts by Chirag Paswan, none of the leaders of CM Nitish and his party JDU reached Ram Vilas Paswan’s anniversary program.

Nitish is angry with Chirag because of this
Those who understand the politics of Bihar say that CM Nitish Kumar is very upset with Chirag Paswan. There is only one reason for this. Chirag Paswan had distanced himself from the NDA during the Bihar assembly elections last year. Chirag Paswan had fielded LJP candidates against all JDU candidates. Apart from this, Chirag Paswan had alleged that Bihar’s biggest scam has happened in CM Nitish’s 7 Nishchay Yojana. If LJP comes to power, he will get it investigated and he will send CM Nitish to jail. It is believed that CM Nitish is very upset with the matter of sending him to jail. All JDU leaders are also angry with Chirag for being asked to send CM Nitish, who maintains Mr. Clean’s image, to jail.

Is Nitish still upset with Chirag over Bihar election results?

Due to Chirag Paswan fielding candidates against all the candidates of JDU, it has remained the third party in Bihar. Nitish Kumar is very upset with both these things. It is believed that due to this displeasure, Nitish Kumar first got the lone MLA of LJP included in JDU, then with the help of Pashupati Kumar Paras, five MPs revolted in LJP. In this way, Chirag Paswan has become isolated in the LJP itself. Now by not reaching the anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan, CM Nitish has tried to give a clear message that he is in a mood to maintain a grudge with Chirag Paswan.

Politics ‘rider’ on idol in Bihar

Nitish ties the knot of personal attacks!

Those who know Nitish Kumar closely, say that it is his nature that when someone makes a personal attack on him, he tie the knot of that matter. In the NDA rally in Ludhiana, the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi raised the hand of CM Nitish from the stage and tried to give a message of friendship between the two to the country. After this, Nitish Kumar returned the disaster relief amount received by Gujarat to Bihar. After this, the banquet organized on Modi’s Bihar tour was canceled. In this displeasure, just before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he had announced to separate from the NDA and enter the field alone. However, in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, JDU suffered heavy losses and the party was reduced to two seats.

When Nitish Kumar did not reach Ram Vilas Paswan’s death anniversary, Chirag said – ‘What should I say on this’

Now Chirag Paswan has angered Nitish Kumar by saying that he should be sent to jail. Nitish Kumar is continuously damaging him and giving a clear message that he is in no mood to spare him at the moment.

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