Ninja Warrior: Internet users troubled by the resemblance of a candidate with Michou

Ninja Warrior

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Credits: TF1, Twitter

This Friday, January 14, episode 2 of season 6 of Ninja Warrior was broadcast on TF1 and Internet users were disturbed by the resemblance of a candidate to Michou.

Season 6 of Ninja Warrior has made a comeback on TF1. The first episode of this edition entitled “The Journey of Heroes” was broadcast on Friday, January 7 on the first channel. Last night, new candidates were therefore present in episode 2 to try to overcome this obstacle course and qualify for the grand final of Ninja Warrior. One thing is certain, it is that viewers were delighted to find emblematic faces from previous seasons of Ninja Warrior. Moreover, when Matthias pointed the tip of his nose at their screens, Internet users were stunned and for good reason… His resemblance to Youtuber Michou disturbed them.

It is at the time of the presentation of Mathias in Ninja Warrior that a real buzz took place on the blue bird social network. As soon as the young man, who had been a finalist during season 5 of the TF1 show, spoke his first words, Internet users were amazed. For them, Matthias Noirel has exactly the same voice as the former candidate of Dance with the stars.I hear Michou’s voice, I turn my head towards the TV, it’s not him. The resemblance is crazy”, tweeted a follower. And he is far from the only one to have noticed this striking resemblance.

“We recognized you Michou”

For other Internet users, Matthias Noirel and Michou, whose real name is Miguel Mattioli, do not only have the voice in common. Twittos assured that the two young men also looked alike physically. If against the darling of Elsa Bois, the candidate of “Ninja Warrior” has long hair, they would have “the same face” as well as “the same smile”. “We recognized you Michou, take off your wig”, amused a surfer, while another commented: “Damn the guy is #Michou with hair“. Meanwhile, other subscribers wondered if Michou didn’t have a hidden brother… Matthias Noirel created a real buzz on Twitter!

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