Nine years of marriage: Marcel Schmelzer announces love off

at Marcel Schmelzer some changes coming up! This summer, the professional kicker said goodbye to his club Borussia Dortmund after 17 years. He was duly celebrated by the fans in his last game. But not only career-wise there is in Marcels live a change. There was also a separation when it came to love: As the professional kicker has now announced, he and his wife are going jenny separate ways from now on!

The couple was together for a total of 10.5 years and in 2013 the two sealed their happiness with a wedding. The German studies student met the kicker in Dortmund, where they also lived together. Opposite to picture the right-back shared: “We both ask that you respect our privacy. As we have always done in the past, we will not comment publicly on our private lives.”

As now with the separation, the two have always shielded their private lives from the public and there were only a few couple photos of the two. The two have not yet commented on the events of their separation online.

Footballer Marcel Schmelzer
Marcel Schmelzer, soccer star
Marcel and Jenny Schmelzer

Instagram / jenny_ Schmelzer

Marcel and Jenny Schmelzer

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