Nine people hospitalized following carbon monoxide poisoning in Forest

The inhabitants of a house, located avenue Albert in Forest, called the emergency services on Tuesday around 7 a.m. because one of them was feeling unwell. When paramedics arrived on the scene, their CO detector [monoxyde de carbone] immediately triggered. “It was a private mansion transformed into kots, where nine people were present”, declared Walter Derieuw, spokesperson for the Brussels fire brigade. “Elevated levels of CO were measured in the residence, and all nine occupants were transferred to hospital for treatment. The building’s gas-fired boiler was found to be working properly, but the problem was with flue gas venting. The gas connection was disconnected and sealed by Sibelga”.

The Brussels fire brigade recalls that it is necessary to have compliant heating appliances installed by an approved technician, to carry out the required maintenance and mandatory checks, but also to ensure proper evacuation of combustion gases, to provide a ventilation system and ventilate regularly. It is also interesting to have CO detectors installed and above all it is necessary to react immediately in the event of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches or sudden fatigue. “Open the windows, evacuate those present and ask for help from Emergency Cell 112,” advised Walter Derieuw. “In addition, you should know that the Brussels Region provides bonuses for the replacement of obsolete and non-compliant gas burners”, he recalled.

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