Nina Dobrev in a bikini in the snow, her photo freezes internet users

Nina Dobrev

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Credit: Instagram @nina

On vacation in the snow, Nina Dobrev did not forget to take her bikini. Funny choice for a ski holiday! While any normal person would have taken their swimsuit to the après-ski spa, Nina Dobrev uses it to taste the joys of fresh snow.

Like many people at this time of year, Nina Dobrev takes a trip to the mountains. This did not prevent him from slipping her most beautiful bikini in his suitcase! Who said snow and swimsuits don’t mix? Nina Dobrev proves it to us with this video which gives us chills. The actress of Love Hard, the Christmas movie on Netflix, has no fear and has launched a crazy challenge: jump in the snow in a bikini! Real challenge or simply desperate to create a buzz? In any case, this post had its small effect with almost 5 million views in just one day!

And why not a desire to feel alive? This may be the explanation! It is well known, the cold wakes you up, and in addition it is good for the skin and the circulation of the blood. Finally, what’s the use of looking for a rational reason, Nina Dobrev threw herself into the snow perhaps for simple pleasure?. A few years ago, the actress made us want to to cut your hair squared, will it also influence us on this one? In any case, here, we are moderately tempted by the idea. Take your bikini on vacation in the mountains yes, but to go to the spa or the sauna after a day on the slopes. In any case, the reactions under Nina Dobrev’s post were not long in coming …

Nina Dobrev “my version of the collapse”

Thousands of comments based on “OMG” and shocked or laughing emojis! Everyone has their own reaction to this crazy action. Nina Dobrev, she is satisfied to say that it is her way of collapsing, with a simple caption ” my version of a meltdown “. The actress does not lack humor, nor courage. If you too are hitting the ski slopes, we challenge you to do the same! Come on, a little courage, it seems it’s good for the traffic. And for the others who are not so lucky but who dream of a stay in the mountains, we have the solution for you with this selection of games for those who like to walk in the snow.

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