Nîmes: the project of a kitesurf crossing for the Women’s Foundation supported by the Department

This Thursday, November 24, the results of the “Prize for the fight against violence against women concern us all” competition are revealed. The Gard departmental council awarded the first prize to the kitesurf crossing project of the Wings association for them.

For this first edition of the contest “The fight against violence against women concerns us all”, the departmental council has selected three Gard association projects this Thursday, November 24. The winners win one-time financial aid, “with the idea of ​​stimulating new projects”, as Isabelle Fardoux-Jouve, delegate for gender equality and member of the jury, points out.

The first prize was awarded to the project “Crossing in kitesurfing from Issambres to Calvi” of the association of Wings for them. It was unanimously approved by the four members of the jury, in particular for its innovative and symbolically strong side.

The members of the jury for the prize “The fight against violence against women concerns us all”
Noon Free – Alexandra Portlock

Profits from the initiative will be donated to the Women’s Foundation with the aim of improving the emergency shelter service. “A crucial question”, points Béatrice Bertrand, director of the information center on the rights of women and families (Cidif). Nicolas Ferran, director of La Clède, notes a “explosion of demands” shelter, but deplores “We are well below”.

According to the director of Cidif, six to eight cases of domestic violence are handled per day at the prosecutor’s office. A figure up 23% since the second confinement.

A kitesurfing trip for a good cause

A kitesurfing trip for a good cause

Nadine Poncept, leader of the Wings for them project will therefore receive start-up aid of €5,000. This sum will allow him “to ensure the achievement of the challenge” (equipment, security …), but also to optimize communication for a greater fundraising. The other two winners, Le journal de Valdegour and Reseda (an association for the coordination of health networks in the Alesian basin) will receive €3,000 and €2,000 respectively.

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