Nîmes: the bike challenge raises children’s awareness of road safety

Like every year, the departmental committees of the Prévention Routière association organized the Challenges-vélos throughout France. In Nîmes, the event took place this Wednesday on the road education track of Mont Duplan.

The objective of this action is simple: “teaching CM2 students to move independently and safely!”. According to the Ministry of Education website, cycling mortality for May 2022, with 22 cyclists killed in France, is higher than that recorded in May 2021 (+2 killed). Learning to ride a bike is therefore essential to traffic education, from an early age.

CM2 students are on the road education track.

Initiate children to reduce accidents

Three airy centers were invited this Wednesday for the event. Students were able to participate in three workshops: the road education track, the theory quiz on road safety and the ten mistakes bike. “What is very important is that the child acquires the good practices of sharing the lane, whether as a pedestrian or as a cyclist, for his safety, but also for that of others”explains Nelly Massé-Desaivres, regional director of the Prévention Routière association.

“It should be noted that this awareness is made possible by the support of Assurance Prévention and by the intervention of our volunteers, our volunteers in civic service, law enforcement and municipal police, as well as local partners”.

Warning children from an early age about the dangers of the road seems like a strategy that could work in the long term to reduce bicycle accidents. “The sooner the awareness work is done, the more the accident rate will decrease in the years to come. These are the cyclists and motorists of tomorrow!”believes this municipal policeman.

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