Nîmes: the 40°C bar has already been crossed three times this year, a record

A sign of climate change, temperature readings in Nîmes have reached extremes more frequently over the past five years.

Météo France Sud-Est highlights “a record while summer is not over” on Twitter, figures in support. The Nîmes-Courbessac station recorded temperatures ofat least 40°c three times this yearand the statement also indicates that the fact has become more customary since 2017, while it has remained rare since the creation of the station in 1921.

ud83cudf21ud83dudcca#Nimes-Courbessac opened in 1921 has exceeded 40°C 8 times in 6 years since 2017… compared to only 4 times before 2016… and already 3 times this year, a record while summer is not over? pic.twitter.com/GgdTBbSkYC

– Meteo-France South-East (@MeteoFrance_SE) August 5, 2022

The tweet clarifies that in terms of frequency over longer periods, the station “exceeded 40°C 8 times in 6 years since 2017… Compared to only 4 times before 2016”. Consequence of climate change? “Yes, confirms Florence Vaysse, territorial referent for Languedoc-Roussillon based in Nîmes, there is a significant increase in the frequency of extreme temperatures in summer.

Maximum temperature deviations from the norm in Nîmes-Courbessac since 1959
HD Climate – UK Weather

By taking into account all the maximum temperature readings from 1959 to 2021, the database HD Climate indicates an “observed trend in maximum summer temperatures between +0.4°C and +0.6°C per decade” and an average increase of 3°c about the last 60 years (on the summer maxima).

“Across the country, we have emerged from the 4th wave of heat waves since the beginning of the summer, but in the Gard, we have never come out of the third”adds Florence Vaysse.

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