Nikolaj Hübbe has received the corona and misses the ‘Wild with dance’ final

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There will be only four judges at tonight’s ‘Wild with Dance’ final.

Nikolaj Hübbe has received a corona and is not participating. It writes TV 2.

“I am sincerely sorry that I will not be in the studio tonight with the three beautiful final couples and my referee colleagues,” says Nikolaj Hübbe.

He says, however, that he will follow at home in front of the television.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate that Nikolaj can not help end this year’s Wild with Dance ‘season. We have thought a lot about whether there should be a substitute, or whether Nikolaj should give a grade from home, but we have come to the conclusion that we will sit with four judges at the judges’ table tonight, “says Thomas Richardt Strøbech, editor of TV 2.

“Fortunately, we’ve tried that many times before, and I’m sure we’ll have a festive finale, although of course we’re sad to have to do without Nikolaj.”

Earlier this week, it emerged that Jacob Haugaard, who was voted out earlier in the season, will also miss the final as he is also suffering from corona.

“It’s a shame, and it’s not funny that I have to watch the final from home. I hate having to cancel something. This is how I have always felt professionally, “he explained to TV 2.

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Jacob Haugaard participated in this year’s Wild with dance ‘together with the debutant Camilla Dalsgaard and managed – despite constant bottom marks from the judges – to dance all the way to the fifth live show, which, however, became the final station.

The pair therefore finished ninth in the competition, which reaches its end tonight.

Here, singers Jimilian and Asta Björk, TV host Lise Rønne and Silas Holst and swimmer Pernille Blume and Morten Kjeldgaard will dance against each other in the final.

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