Nikola Lozina and Julien Tanti cold because of the war between Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika? We know more

Asked about her relationship with Laura Lempika, Manon Marsault recently put an end to the rumors of clash. And yet, if blogger Aqababe’s statements are to be believed, they would be at war: “To light up the lanterns of those who wondered if Laura and Manon were still talking to each other, the answer is no. The reason is when I disclosed the affair of Manon’s fake Twitter account, Laura never forgave her and it also created a huge cold between Niko and Julien. They don’t talk to each other either! ”

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Aqababe balances on the tensions between Nikola, Julien, Manon and Laura – Credit (s): Instagram Aqababe

To understand the origin of the tensions, we must go back to September 2021. At the time, Manon Marsault was accused of using a fake account Twitter to tackle some reality TV candidates. The case has also caused a stir on social networks. Annoyed, the influencer strongly denied these allegations: “This is an account with which I have been trading for years (…) She is a student that I really appreciate. No, it is not a fake account on my part.”

The end of a friendship?

Despite this focus, it seems that the relationship of Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika has deteriorated, to the point of creating a cold between their respective companions, Julien Tanti and Nikola Lozina. For the time being, the main parties concerned have not yet reacted. While waiting for a possible response from them, know that the dramas are linked on the planet people. According to the rumors, Manon Marsault would do anything to get Carla Moreau down on social networks.

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