Nikita Klæstrup has got a new girlfriend

Love is blooming again with the media personality Nikita Klæstrup.

After she was able to say earlier this year that she no longer formed a couple with Casper Kofod, Nikita Klæstrup has got together with Mikkel Christensen

She shares this on the social media Instagram with a picture of the two together on the red carpet.

For BT, the organizer elaborates on when the couple got together.

They officially became lovers in something of a brandart.

“We became lovers at two in the morning at the Museo. Which probably made us both a little doubtful about whether the other meant it the following days. But then we once again agreed that it was us. Lucky enough,’ she says.

According to Nikita Klæstrup, the two have known each other since this summer, but she does not want to say where they met.

“We met this summer,” is the short answer.

The two have been seeing each other since this summer. Photo: Private

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However, there is no doubt that she is happy with her new boyfriend.

“It goes really well. I’m happy. He makes me laugh and he’s just a really positive and funny person. It’s a nice energy to be around,’ she says.

Nikita Klæstrup will soon be up to date with a new programme, which she has been the organizer of this summer.

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