Nike sneakers: discover 5 ways to include different versions of this accessory in different looks

Nike sneakers are synonymous with a stylish, unmarked accessory. Did you know that the brand was founded in 1964 and was initially focused only on sporting goods?

Currently, it is possible to find different models of sneakers: there are more sporty models and others that are more casual, which go beyond the universe of physical activities. Want to know how to include Nike sneakers in your wardrobe and still match different types of looks?

For this, Purepeople has prepared some tips to help you create the perfect look. Check out more details below!

1- Colored Nike sneakers for a color point in the look

Perfect for looks with more neutral colors, a Nike sneaker with multiple tones can be used as a color point helping to break the monochromatic tone of an outfit, but can also be used in combinations that use jeans, providing more modernity to the look .

2- White Nike sneakers are classic for neutral compositions

Neutral colors are right for sneakers: black and white are essential to have in your closet and also on your feet. They combine with different types of looks without complicating the time to imagine the look to leave the house.

With a white or black Nike sneakers, it is possible to assemble looks of a single color such as all black and also more neutral looks, with light colors perfect for the spring summer season. In addition, white sneakers can be used to further highlight the rest of the look, being a support piece for the composition.

3- Nike sneakers can also compose a romantic look

The more romantic looks are marked by lightness and by pieces in colors more towards reddish and pinkish tones. Therefore, a sneaker that accompanies the look is essential for every closet.

The perfect sneakers for the most romantic compositions can be in a single color with colorful details to provide color in a more delicate way or also in the same tone as the look. Consider the shape of the shoe and the color so that the shoe becomes part of the look.

4- Do you want comfort for all types of events? Bet on sports Nike sneakers with a casual touch

Events such as music festivals require comfortable joker pieces to be able to spend hours standing in maximum comfort and without pain. One of the most important pieces when we talk about comfort is sneakers.

When choosing a sneaker, take into account the size and shape of the sole, as it helps to cushion the steps, avoiding discomfort during use. Also consider the fabric of the shoe, the breathable ones help to avoid the production of excessive sweat in the feet.

5- Nike sneakers can compose all black looks

The all black looks are versatile and can be used on different occasions, whether going to work or going out on the weekend with friends. The look takes its name from being composed of black pieces, composing a monochrome black look.

Black sneakers are great jokers to always have around. Neutral, they combine with different looks and are perfect for all black compositions. With different formats, they can provide more daring or give a more classic tone to the outfit.

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