Night of the stars: observe the stars and planets all over France this weekend

Every year since 1991, the Star Nights originally organized by the French Association of Astronomy take place the weekend before the peak of activity of the rain ofshooting Stars of the Perseids ! This year in 2022, it will therefore be on August 5, 6 and 7 that activities will be offered throughout France, for all audiences. This is an opportunity to come and marvel at astronomy, and all the splendid landscapes that the sky nocturnal can offer you.

Whatever the region, by getting closer to associations and astronomy clubs near you, you will inevitably find a way to observe the planets, the Moona comet and different celestial objects with more detail than usual! With the naked eye, or with glasses or a telescope it will be possible to observe in particular Jupiter, Saturnbut also Neptune and Uranus which are much harder to see. Moreover, the month of August is conducive to the observation of shooting stars, hence this traditional date for star nights. With any luck, these will be real racing cars that you will be able to see cross the sky at all speed !

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