Nicole Neumann spoke about the possibility of marrying Manu Urcera: the video

Since Nicole Neumann became a girlfriend with Manu Urcerarumors of pregnancy and of marriage They didn’t stop popping up. However, it was the model who denied them and assured that both were very well like this.

In this case, Fabián Cubero’s ex-partner was asked again about the possibility of remarrying her current boyfriend and the jury of “The 8 Steps” answered: “I didn’t say I was getting married. I said I was invited to a party at the end of the year and I said it wouldn’t be bad at all.”

The answer of nicole neumann it’s because she gave an interview and got confused. However, her partner Martín Liberman, asked the model again if she wanted to go through the Civil Registry with Manu Urcera, her boyfriend.

“Yes, why not. I’d like to, but well… another time we’ll see”, the jury answered “The 8 Steps”. And he added between laughs: “Well, enough that I’m very shy.” At the moment, the athlete did not say anything about it and continues to keep his profile low.

Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera on vacation together.

In the meantime, Fabian Cubero He is focused on raising his new son with Mica Viciconte. Both were more than happy at the birth of Luca.

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