Nicole Neumann on the accounts that Fabián Cubero created to speak ill of her: "It will be a problem…"

nicole neumann She was enjoying a vacation in Europe with her boyfriend Manu Urcera and their daughters Allegra Y Sienna. But her tranquility is over since she barely set foot in Buenos Aires, they looked for her to ask her about her conflicts with Fabian Cubero.

Last week they indicated in “Partners of the Show” that the couple of Mica Viciconte would have generated false accounts to speak ill of the model. That is why they took advantage of having Neumann to ask him about that event.

“They said that your ex has trout accounts to make you look like a bad mother“, commented the notary. In this regard, Nicole responded without denying the information: “I have no idea, it will be their problem, luckily I am enjoying life, working and doing all the good that I can“.

Thank God I don’t have any war with anyone so luckily everything is incredible“, concluded the panelist to end the topic.

Meanwhile, from the floor they provided new information about court war and economic relationship between the former couple: “Cubero would have received 400 thousand dollars from the Santa Barbara house but all the extracurricular activities that the girls do are paid for by the mother“.

In addition, he would be owing a year and a half ago the fee that has to do with food and school“, they closed.

Video: Nicole Neumann, annoyed with Fabián Cubero

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