Nicole Neumann and her unknown musical past: the album she recorded at the age of 14

nicole neumann She began her modeling career as a teenager, and became one of the most sought after models by major brands and designers. Something that few know is his past in music, in which tried to break out as a singer when he was 14.

The former partner of Fabian Cubero He recorded his first and only album entitled “First love” in 1994. “Let yourself be loved”, “You can feel my love”, “First love” and “I don’t want to study”, were themes composed by Nicole Neumann herself that were part of the album, which he presented at the Mar del Plata song festival.

“I think it’s a great opportunity and a great experience for later. By chance I was introduced to singing and I really liked the idea. We started with the whole project, I also got together with a very nice group”, indicated at that time Neumann, who had been invited by Sony.


The lead single, “Let yourself be loved”changed name to “Let me dream”for be used as a musical curtain of the successful children’s strip “Friends” in 1995. Unfortunately, the cheerleader’s attempt to shine as a soloist “The 8 Steps” was unsuccessful, since his material received negative reviews.

Nicole Neumann’s song “Dejame soñar” was the musical curtain of “Amigovios”.

Recently, the current partner of Manu Urcera, recalled his brief experience in the world of music in the program Guido Kacza. “I sang on the Mateyko program, I did a singing show”, Nicole pointed out about her time in “Summer Move” cycle issued from “La Feliz” in which Juan Alberto Mateyko presented different musical shows.

Nicole Neumann – “I don’t want to study”

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