Nicole Neumann accuses Fabián Cubero of making false accounts to speak ill of her

The good link between nicole neumann Y Fabian Cubero it seems impossible. After going to court for a debt with the couple of Mica Vicicontethe model provided new details about her scandals with her ex.

The jury of “The 8 million steps” contacted Karina Iavicoli Y He told him about his dramas with the former Vélez. First revealed that he wants to sell a property he has in Nordelta and needs the papers to do so, but Cubero does not give them to him. “He also bought a truck but does not meet the money for the girls“, the journalist read on her WhatsApp in “Partners of the Show”.

Secondly, Nicole appeared with her lawyers to make a request for co-parenting therapy “to get along”. “Cubero does not answer the phone to therapists and does not communicate with anyone,” replied the panelist and then reproduced the words of the girlfriend of Manu Urcera: “‘I hope that he heals so that he has good bonds with those close to him.‘”.

Perhaps what most worried Neumann is that her daughters’ father would have generated false accounts to speak ill of her. “The girls say that Cubero lives aware of his life in networks and that there are trout accounts that contribute evil things such as ‘your mother is a liar’ or ‘the only thing that matters to your mother is having a boyfriend with money’ “closed the communicator.

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