Nicole Garcia and Jean Rochefort as a couple: why have they never lived together?

Nicole Garcia is nothing but joy these days. It is at the heart of a retrospective organized by the prestigious Cinémathèque française de Paris and its new film, Lovers, which stars Pierre Niney and Stacy Martin, will be released on November 17, 2021. The story is not self-fictional, and does not evoke the director’s own existence. But the one who was her lover, her beloved for many years, is Jean Rochefort.

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Died on October 9, 2017, the actor left a huge void in the heart of his ex. After having shared 20 years of marriage with Elisabeth Marguerite Marie Camille Bardin – the mother of his two children Marie, born in 1962 and Julien, born in 1965 -, Jean Rochefort wanted to avoid the mistakes of the past. That’s why, when he met Nicole Garcia, he simply refused to live with her, in the same accommodation.

As reported Paris Match, at the time of his death, Jean Rochefort did not wish “risk the daily erosion of tenderness“Unfortunately, this initiative did not save the couple from an inevitable break-up, seven years later, despite the birth of their son Pierre Rochefort in 1981 – he is also an actor.”Our mood incompatibilities were obvious“, he admitted, years after saying goodbye to Nicole Garcia.

I was never a flirt or a seducer

Jean Rochefort, who died at the age of 87, had loved “four or five women “in his life. He took his last breath, peacefully, near Françoise Vidal, an architect 20 years younger. He who had the image of a charmer and a talkative talker had, in reality, “never been a flirt or a seducer“. “I believe I have been very enthusiastic in my relationships with women, but this enthusiasm has not always been communicative“, he liked to say. As for Nicole Garcia, she never appeared as a couple after their breakup. The mystery therefore remains about her love life.

Find Amants, the new film by Nicole Garcia, in theaters from November 17, 2021.

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