Nicolas Hulot: These women who marked his life

Nicolas Hulot is in the midst of a media storm with the broadcast ofCorrespondent, television survey magazine from France 2 which has decided to devote its Thursday, November 25, 2021 edition to the former Minister of Ecological Transition. As he did in 2018 with the release of the Ebdo, ephemeral review which looked into his case and accusations of sexual assault, the former star presenter of TF1 went to a television set, that of BFMTV, to deny the facts with which he is accused and , this time, announce that he was retiring from public life. Sickened by what he describes as a lynching, he prefers to go into the shadows to devote himself to his family. Father of three children, he has always been discreet about his private life, but we know that there are four women in particular who have counted in his existence.

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Dominique cantien

In 1986, Nicolas Hulot began a love affair with Dominique Cantien, director of varieties at TF1 and producer of the show. Ushuaia. It is she who will make the program a hymn to adventure. Indeed, during its first edition in 1987, the show did not convince Patrick Le Lay, senior executive of TF1. She then decides to take her host Nicolas Hulot out of the set, who was simply commenting on beautiful images and to make him a real adventurer with whom viewers travel. Together, Dominique Cantien and Nicolas Hulot made exceptional trips but did not succeed in starting a family. “This never-born child is one of the reasons for our separation“, she says in her book With them (Lamartinière editions).

Catherine Ceylac

Also a successful host, Catherine Ceylac charmed Nicolas Hulot. But no question for the host of Tea or coffee to pour out on this couple. In interview for the magazine Star TV in 2018, she refused to broach the subject, limiting herself to this sentence: “I don’t feel like answering this question at all. It’s been part of my intimate life and, besides, it dates back to thirty-five years. “

Isabelle Patissier

Adventurer, Nicolas Hulot fell in love with the double world climbing champion Isabelle Patissier and married her in Saint-Malo in 1993. During the wedding ceremony, we noticed the presence of another cathodic star, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. In the photos of the wedding, the lovers appear more radiant than ever near the ramparts of the famous city of Ile-et-Vilaine, but three years later, they divorce.

Florence Lasserre

Nicolas and Florence Lasserre met during a dinner of a mutual friend during a week of ski vacation of the former animator in Chamonix. In VSD in 2016, she confided in her relationship: “What I liked about him was not so much his adventurous side and his expeditions to the four corners of the planet, which ultimately impressed me relatively little, but more certainly his great sensitivity to nature. I was a flight attendant. My job, coupled with Nicolas’ frequent and long trips, quickly became incompatible with family life..”

In 2002, they said yes in Vaucluse and are parents of two sons Nelson and Titouan and they settled in Saint-Lunaire in 2005, a seaside resort on the Emerald Coast. She has also become the city councilor. Of her husband who has the reputation of being a ladies’ man, she will say for the biographer Bérengère Bonte and his book Healthy Nicolas : “At the beginning, I did not live it well. Now, I put it into perspective. Or I do the ostrich. ” When he resigned his post as minister in 2018, she was by his side while he was deeply moved, more complicit than ever.

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