Nicolas Hulot: One of the accusers is the daughter of a former minister

History repeats itself for Nicolas Hulot, or almost. As in 2018 when the Ebdo announces to reveal an explosive file on him and that he presents himself the day before the publication of the magazine in front of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the former television host and Minister of Ecological Transition was back in the premises of the chain but facing Bruce Toussaint. He wanted to defend himself from the accusations that several women brought against him in the investigation ofCorrespondent, the program of France 2 which is broadcast the day after his speech, this November 25, 2021. Very reassembled, the historical presenter Ushuaia announces his withdrawal from public life and denies all charges of sexual assault, rape and harassment. On the airwaves of RMC, we learn more in Apolline Morning on the content of its information.

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And no one has seen the report yetCorrespondent because France 2 refused to communicate upstream, the journalist Nicolas Poincaré delivers details on the plaintiffs. The most serious accusation dates back to 1989 when a radio show came out. The young woman, a minor at the time, had come to attend a radio program on France Inter in 1989: “The host had escorted her to the station and to the parking lot, he allegedly tried to force her to have sex.“Another woman accuses her of facts which allegedly took place in Moscow where she worked in the 1990s, in the French embassy in Moscow:”She accompanied him to help him with administrative procedures and according to her, he sexually assaulted her in a taxi.

This is the third testimony that could make the most noise because it comes from the daughter of a “former minister in sight“under the Jospin government. The RMC reporter got some information from the reporter fromSpecial Envoy, Virginie Vilar who recorded this testimony more than three years ago: “This young woman had told of having had an appointment with Nicolas Hulot in a Parisian apartment. He would have locked the door before attacking him. She would have finally managed to escape, barefoot. This minister’s daughter has long hesitated to testify. She even once made an appointment with the journalist ofSpecial envoy tobefore canceling while the France 2 team was already on the TGV to join the young woman at home in the east where she lives. Her mother, at the time, had encouraged her not to testify but in the end, she had made the choice to tell everything.”

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