Nicolas Hulot accused of sexual violence: one of the alleged victims is the daughter of a former minister!

This Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Nicolas Hulot announced his final withdrawal from “public life”. According to information from “Parisian”, several women accuse him of sexual assault, rape and harassment. Their testimonies will be discovered in the new issue of Special Envoy on France 2.

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This eagerly awaited report will be broadcast this Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 9 p.m. The day before, Nicolas Hulot delivered his truth on the set of “BFMTV”. He has refuted all the charges against him. “I am definitely leaving public life. Quite simply because I am disgusted “, rebelled the ex-minister against Bruce Toussaint. “I am living for my family and friends from now on. I will no longer speak, because I no longer recognize myself in this society, nor in its codes […].”

Nicolas Hulot denounced “Purely false claims”. Today on “RMC”, the journalist Nicolas Poincaré exclusively delivered some details of the upcoming documentary of the second channel. In particular on the complainants. One of them would be the girl “Of a former minister in sight” of the Jospin government.

More than three years ago, Virginie Vilar, the Special Envoy reporter was able to record her testimony. “This young woman had told of having had an appointment with Nicolas Hulot in a Parisian apartment. He would have locked the door before attacking her. She would have finally managed to escape, barefoot ”, let our colleagues know. “This minister’s daughter has long hesitated to testify. She even once made an appointment with the journalist of the Special Envoy before canceling when the France 2 team was already on the TGV to join the young woman at home in the east where she lives. Her mother, at the time, had encouraged her not to testify, but in the end, she had chosen to tell it all. ” According to “RMC”, Nicolas Hulot did not wish to answer questions from journalists from France 2.


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