Nicolas Hulot accused by Maureen Dor: "here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me"

After the number ofCorrespondent on France 2 this November 25, 2021, devoted to accusations of sexual assault by several women against Nicolas Hulot, presenter Elise Lucet announced that a television personality had transmitted an open letter: Maureen Dor. The 51-year-old Belgian host and actress claims to have also been a victim of the TF1 star and ecology, in 1989. The facts – he would have him “jumped on it“and would”tried to kiss her“- are prescribed but she chose to reveal them in a testimony published in its entirety, without comment, on the site of In 2017 and after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, she had already said to have been assaulted, without revealing the man’s name, but what she had confided to Star TV corresponds to what she is discussing today in detail.

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The assault that Maureen Dor relates takes place in Brussels, at the dawn of her majority, is in high school and has just started on Belgian television. Admirer of man after seeing read his book Crossroads, she writes to the presenter Ushuaia by leaving him his phone number to offer him a meeting, since she was his “televisio colleaguen “. He replied a few weeks later because he was at the Salon du Livre in the Belgian capital and answered his request: they meet for a drink at the bar of a beautiful hotel in the city, the Metropolis. ‘invites him to follow him to his room to wait for the reporters, she follows him, “flatteredhe suggests. Then comes the moment when everything changes.

Nicolas Hulot would have “sauté“on Maureen Dor and allegedly tried to kiss her, gripping her face. The girl doesn’t understand, she calls herself a virgin at the time and”not particularly sexy” : “It’s important to say because at the time I sincerely think that a man can offer me to accompany him to his room. without having any ulterior motives.“She stops him by shouting:”but you have a wife!“For him, it is only a”parenthesis“. The reception call to announce that the press would have stopped Nicolas Hulot.

A thoughtful letter, without aggressiveness

Maureen Dor, now an accomplished woman with experience, realizes that the sequence of events discredits any accusation, because she went back to see him for dinner with him and some friends: “I still wanted to go to dinner with him, fascinated by the guy. There it is, this is where I feel like I haven’t been clear with myself“Soon after, however, she will leave him a letter asking him not to do this to the young girls who admire her. But she will never have a return to his words.

Then she will tell another “incident” during which, at 25, she has a so-called professional meeting to make her a face of cosmetics. Looking back, she explains this vagueness in her thoughts: “During this period of life [18 à 25 ans], either the young girl is too naive to consider that she can inspire a desire of a sexual nature in men, or she herself feels a feeling of love which she sincerely believes in the reciprocal on the part of the man she meets .

Her letter is a true reflection, devoid of any aggressiveness despite the importance of the story and the obvious trauma since she remembers it as well thirty years later. She decided to speak up because she is not the only “victim” of Nicolas Hulot. She knows that by testifying with her face uncovered, she will receive a mountain of remarks and criticisms, especially through social networks, but she has decided to support the new generation, that of #metoo, for things to change, even if it has to happen through “unpleasant means“. She is sorry for Nicolas Hulot’s daughter who will be upset by what she reads and will read about her father in the days to come, but there are all the others.

She herself is a parent. Maureen Dor is the mother of Gaspard (20 years old) and Léonard (18 years old), fruit of his love with the musician Jérôme Dédina. She therefore knows this new generation of young people and works so that all the words are released.

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