Nicolai Schwartz is to marry Silas Holst – at the same time he is looking for someone to have a child with

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Former reality show host Nicolai Schwartz has been on his knees.

This summer, he will therefore marry his girlfriend of five years, ‘Wild with dance’ dancer Silas Holst. But he also has other big plans for the coming year.

“I hope that 2022 means both that we get married and that there is an upcoming baby on the way,” Nicolai Schwartz tells BT

For the past three years, he has been dreaming of having a baby.

But it will be without her future husband, who already has eight-year-old Maggie My and five-year-old Bob Jones with her ex-husband, actor Johannes Nymark and girlfriend Louise Mahnkopf.

He has had the children he was supposed to have, so Nicolai Schwartz’s plan was in the same way to become a father with a friend.

But after much deliberation over the last few years, that girlfriend has now jumped out.

‘I am looking for a new mother. Unfortunately, it went in the sink with her the other, because she got a boyfriend, so she wants to go that way, and all respect for that, “says the newly engaged airport employee.

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But 36-year-old Nicolai Schwartz wants to be a father.

So even though he has the prospect of wedding planning and marrying Silas Holst, he is also looking for someone who will be the mother of his future dream child.

‘I am looking for a new mother who will be an active mother. So I go to to see if there should be anything there. I did not really have a plan b, I really just want to find a good mother who will be there and be part of our big family too, “says Nicolai Schwartz.

On a daily basis, he lives with Silas Holst, and not least Louise Mahnkopf, Johannes Nymark and his girlfriend Jeppe Christoffersen, as well as the rainbow family’s two children.

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