Nicola Franzoni at the Police Headquarters: complaint of contempt for the insults to David Sassoli

Pappalardo joined Franzoni at the police station

Naples, January 15, 2022 – Serious offended David Sassoli, the businessman Nicola Franzoni was summoned to the police station. He will have to answer for the phrases insulting against the President of the European Parliament, pronounced in a video posted on social media entitled “God sees and provides”, in which the entrepreneur rejoices at Sassol’s deathi. Sued for contempt, the entrepreneur was expected at today’s no-vax demonstration in Naples. Heavy words, those of Franzoni, an icy shower in the aftermath of the death of the euro parliamentarian, remembered yesterday at the state funeral in the Roman church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Sassoli in memory of his children: the man who blushed at compliments. “Good way dad”

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Death David Sassoli, German MEP rejoices: “That bastard is gone”

Franzoni is was summoned to the police station, where several demonstrators arrived shortly after, including the former general of the carabinieri Antonio Pappalardo, one of the leaders of the orange vests. A group of demonstrators left Piazza Dante to go in front of the Police Headquarters, where the entrepreneur was summoned a few hours ago Nicola Franzoni. With them there is also Antonino Pappalardo, leader of the Orange Vests. The demonstration in Piazza Dante will resume shortly.

David Sassoli, funeral chamber in the Capitol. The homage of Mattarella and Draghi

The complaint: “Raging and verbal violence”

Franzoni was sued for insult by Fabrizio Volpi, coordinator of Italia Viva in Carrara. “We decided to contact the competent authorities to put an end to a series of raving statements by a character who has now definitely passed the mark”, he explains Alice Rossetti, regional coordinator of Italia Viva. “In a moment like the one we are going through there is a need for calm and calmness and not for ranting, insults and verbal violence. Like all sensible people, we cry for the untimely death of David Sassoli and we hope that those who have outraged his memory will be severely punished ”.

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