Nico Santos: The "The Voice of Germany"-Star has "Yes" said

Now some women hearts will break! Nico Santos said yes. The “The Voice of Germany Star” has officially made his girlfriend Aileen his wife.

Two photos, two heartfelt kisses: Nico Santos, 29, shows on Instagram that he is in good hands. The “The Voice of Germany” star got married and documented how in love he is with his Aileen. The couple tied the knot on the sunny island of Mallorca, as the location of the pictures shows. The two stand in front of an arch decorated with white flowers. They can’t seem to believe their luck.

Nico Santos: With his Aileen he experienced “love at second sight”

Nico Santos, whose real name is Nico Wellenbrink, and his new wife have been a couple for over two years. The two have known each other for much longer, as he revealed in autumn 2021. “I met Aileen a good nine years ago when I was still living on Mallorca. She was suggested to me as a friend on Facebook at the time because she worked in the same club hotel as I did,” said the singer in the podcast “TALK- O-MAT”.

Even then, there was a little spark between the two. “It was just so friend zone-like. Then something happened,” says Nico. But it didn’t become anything serious.

“There was always a blatant alliance”

Nico dated his then-girlfriend Leonie Hagedorn for four years before they met again. Then the love off! “The separation came from both of us. It was quite a long up and down,” Santos later explained to “Bunte”. And suddenly his paths crossed again with Aileen. “There was always a blatant alliance and now we are together “He enthused. “Friendship Plus” has become a love that should last forever from now on.

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