Nico Santos: He’s so happy as a husband

Nico Santos got married in Mallorca. “It feels really good as a new husband,” he enthuses in an interview.

Nico Santos (29) gave his partner Aileen the yes word at the beginning of June: the singer shared last week on Instagram romantic photos of the wedding in Mallorca. “It feels really good as a new husband,” he reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news. “I’m very happy. Every time I sit at the piano and look at my hands, I’m happy to see a ring there. It’s nice to know that you’ve found the right person.”

Nico Santos: Family, friends and health ‘should never be neglected’

Santos has been very busy this summer: after his wedding there are numerous concerts, and a new album is to follow at the end of the year. “I have concerts most weekends this summer, so they’re already fully booked,” says Nico Santos. He is looking forward to the shows “most”. His latest single is titled “Weekend Lover” – very appropriate for the 29-year-old. “My weekends are now almost in the middle of the week, when I really enjoy the time at home and just chill on the sofa,” he says.

In the stressful everyday life you have to “always make time and find a perfect balance between your best friends, family and work,” emphasizes the singer. “In my case, work is my hobby and what I like to do the most. But if there’s one thing I’ve really learned in the last two or three years, it’s that family and friends are the most important thing next to health. That should be never neglect.”

His favorite summer song is by Stevie Wonder

“Weekend Lover” sounds suspiciously like a summer hit because of the funky sounds. “I love trying new things and combining new sounds and genres in pop music,” reveals Santos about the new song. “But I’m not going to insist on doing just one thing, I’ll probably even choose a completely new sound for the next number.”

Nico Santos has his very own soundtrack for the summer: “My favorite summer song is ‘Positivity’ by Stevie Wonder. It’s a must for me in every summer,” says the 29-year-old. In general, however, he listens to “completely different things”: “I love discovering as many genres and new artists as possible.”

“The Voice of Germany”: Being a coach was “a blessing”

His many concerts this summer mean that Nico Santos will not be in front of the camera as coach of “The Voice of Germany” this year. “This time I won’t be there because there wasn’t time. So many concerts are planned for this summer, unfortunately there was simply no more time,” he says regretfully. For him, the show is “one of the most important and best talent factories”. At “The Voice of Germany” he “met such incredibly great people, not just my coach colleagues, but also new artists, singers and musicians”. For Santos it was “a blessing that I was allowed to be there”. A return doesn’t seem out of the question: “I’m looking forward to being part of the game again.”

“Sing my song – the exchange concert”, “Free European Song Contest”, “The Masked Singer”, “The Voice of Germany”: Nico Santos has been seen in many TV programs. “I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to take part in so many great TV shows,” he says. What would tempt him in the future? “I think I’ll just let myself be surprised.” First of all, he is happy to “concentrate on my music, concerts and the album”.

After his self-titled long player “Nico Santos”, a new album is to be released in 2022. The singer can’t reveal much about it yet, but he explains: “In a way, I’m starting with a lot of new genres. I’ll always bring the music I love and grew up with. My goal for this album is to create a lot of nostalgia.”


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