Nico Occhiato denied having wished Nati Jota death in "Nobody says anything": "it’s unusual"

The abrupt departure of Nati Jota of “Nobody says anything”where he conducted driving together with Nico Occhiato and other members of the staff, provoked strong internal Luzu TV. In the last days, the driver launched a strong phrase into the air, and it was the influencer herself who came out to answer him. Now, the producer came out to give his version of events.

Nico Ochiatto’s word about his controversial phrase against Nati Jota in “Nobody says anything”!

“For us it is dead. The truth is that we don’t talk anymore. I don’t want to cross it anymore”he said emphatically occhiato in the middle of the program before the question of Jasmine Pena Flower about his relationship with nati. Previously, it was learned that his former colleagues gave him a derogatory nicknameand The former Combat was not very satisfied with his departure.

“I’m awesome! It doesn’t matter. I feel like I don’t have to explain anything. Don’t you guys do a lot on air yourself?”was the driver’s response when asked about his strong saying against the influencer, on a mobile with Show Partnersthe cycle driven by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich in The thirteen.

Nico Occhiato with the 6 Martín Fierro that he won because of “Luzu TV”. Photo: instagram: (/nicoocchiato).

And expanded the explanation: “Not even a bit, how am I going to say ‘I want to see her dead’? It’s unusual. The only thing that matters to me is that she understands. In fact, yesterday I told him: “Nati, you understand the program code better than anyone, right?” And he told me ‘obvious’. That’s it, from there down… Afterwards I only laughed on the networks, because the photos, the titles, everything is already funny to me. But I understand the rules of the game.” hill Nico Occhiatoclosing the topic.

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