Nico Fidenco has died at the age of 89, he was the voice of the theme songs of the cartoons of the 80s

Nico Fidenco died in Rome: the singer-songwriter was mainly known for having lent his voice to the theme songs of Japanese cartoons of the eighties.

Nico Fidenco is died at age 89: The singer-songwriter, primarily known for his 1960s songs, made a comeback in the late 1970s and early 1980s as the voice of a string of cartoon acronyms successful Japanese.

I learn with pain of the death of Nico Fidenco“, said the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano. “Important songwriter and composer of famous soundtracks and unforgettable songs such as ‘Tied to a grain of sand’. The world of culture embraces the family with affection and bids farewell to a great Italian artist“.

Fidenco became famous with the recording of What a Sky, a song taken from the film by Francesco Maselli Dolphins, even if they were cartoons like Jenny the tennis player, Sam boy of the West, Don Chuck the beaver, Bem the human monster, Hela Supergirl and Cyborg, the nine super-magnificent to make him a real star in our country.

In 2007 Nico Fidenco even performed at Lucca Comics & Games, where he sang live some of the soundtracks and theme songs of the cartoons. In the wake of this revival, the Siglandia label in 2019 printed a collection of all the singer’s cartoon theme songs in a remastered edition.

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