Nicholas lost control when he found his neighbor in his garden: ‘He ended up with a criminal record for no reason’ (video)

Nicholas Williams didn’t wait to grab his neighbor by the collar when he found him on his lawn inspecting the new fence separating their gardens last June.

Footage of the spat shows the two men coming to blows, while Nicholas yells at his neighbor, “I’m watching you, get off my property!” “. The case, which went to court, highlighted the fact that tensions between the two neighbors had started at least six months previously. Mr Laver argued he was entitled to access the back of his neighbour’s property under a legal clause attached to the deeds of his house, which he bought 13 years ago.

The feud allegedly escalated when a flowerbed behind Mr. Laver’s garage was built, causing Mr. Laver to fear that it could lead to flooding in his garage where he parks his Mercedes.

Mr Williams, who is believed to have served in Nottinghamshire Police before he and his wife Elvina moved to Weymouth, pleaded guilty to assault and battery. “As far as I’m concerned, I won,” said his neighbor. “He ended up with a criminal record for no reason, just because I went to his garden, which I was allowed to do. »

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