Nice: Kasper Dolberg, beauty and diabetes

After announcing that he was type 1 diabetic in early November, Kasper Dolberg has regained a starting position in recent weeks with OGC Nice as well as the net in Rennes to end a three-month shortage. The Danish international, who has had a series of hard knocks since his arrival on the Côte d’Azur in the summer of 2019, seems to have accepted his condition and the changes caused by the diagnosis.

Forwards each have their own way of celebrating a goal, Kasper Dolberg is not the exuberant type. The 24-year-old Dane is not a big smile, he is rather a follower of sobriety and a closed face. The tall blond did not deviate from his habit ten days ago on the lawn of Rennes, where he showed the way to his Nice friends by opening the scoring from the penalty spot, thus signing his first achievement since September 12 and a trip to Nantes, that is to say three months all pile of famine. An eternity for a striker of this caliber, who will also have had the merit of turning into a passer in the second half after an excellent job back to goal and a perfect shift to serve Youcef Atal. A real relief for Dolberg, who chained for the first time this season a third start in a row in the league. This successful performance, greeted by his coach and his teammates in the wake, above all sounded like the promise that the Nice striker was finally ready to launch his season as well as to live his career as a professional player after being diagnosed with diabetes.

“I am extremely happy that the doctors were able to confirm to me that with the right treatment it would not have any negative effect on my football career. ” Kasper Dolberg

A form of relief

It was at the heart of a complicated period on the pitch, between physical glitches and disappointing performances, that Dolberg was able to put a name to what he was suffering from. On November 8, the day after coming into play against Montpellier, the Danish international known to be reserved and discreet took care to communicate on his Instagram account: “I received medical test results this week and it turns out I have type 1 diabetes. Of course, it’s a surprise to me and I’m honestly relieved to finally know why I didn’t feel not well for the past two weeks. Also, I am extremely happy that the doctors were able to confirm to me that with the right treatment, it would not have any negative effect on my football career. I’ve been training all week, and I’m already feeling a lot better. ”

A remarkable positive attitude, but also the need to digest the news. Dolberg therefore deprived himself of the last meeting of the calendar year with the Danish selection after an exchange with Kasper Hjulmand, leaving his compatriots to bicker with the Faroe Islands and Scotland without him (10 goals in 32 caps). His idea ? Rehabilitate physically on the Côte d’Azur, where he saw a Dutch colony land this summer (Pablo Rosario, Calvin Stengs and Justin Kluivert) making life easier in the locker room of the former Ajax gunner. But also Andy Delort, attacking friend and competitor in Christophe Galtier’s two-point system. The Riviera technician is counting on the Dane, whose technical connection seems more obvious with Amine Gouiri than with the former Montpellier, alongside whom he was aligned during the disappointing matches against PSG (0-0) and Strasbourg (0-3) .

“There are ways to watch T-moment where you’re at in terms of your blood sugar, and he can check his blood levels quite often during training. ” Christophe galtier

Wear rating and new life

Competition is however the least of Kasper Dolberg’s worries, accustomed to having to earn his place with Denmark as at Ajax, where he had revealed himself between 2015 and 2019. Since his arrival on the Promenade des Anglais, the first recruit flagship of the INEOS project in Nice, bought for 20 million euros, has a series of extra-sports tiles. The bad luck of the Dane is even legendary. In just over two years, he was the victim of the theft of his watch by his young teammate Diaby-Fadiga, the theft of his car and then a burglary, but was also contaminated twice by Covid-19 before. to be operated on following an attack of appendicitis last February. Finding out about her diabetes this fall could have been the last straw. “You have to assimilate, integrate the fact that you are diabetic, I know it will take a while, understood Galtier on November 25. Kasper also needs to experience his feelings, but there is no accommodation. There are ways to watch your blood sugar right now, and it can check its blood levels quite often during training. He does all of the sessions and when he has to stay longer to work, he stays. It’s well mastered, we have no particular problem. ”

However, it is not easy to receive such news when you are 24 years old and have a professional career ahead of you. But after the shock and the unpleasant surprise, Dolberg seems to have quickly understood that his condition would now force him to control his diet like never before as well as to regulate his blood sugar, which can be scary put like that. To better understand the changes brought about by this diagnosis, he traveled to Denmark for a few days to meet with a specialist. “He wanted to know everything down to the smallest detail, which is to be expected. He’s a cerebral, he’s always in the analysis. Since his return to Nice, he has been combative and invested, recently assured Julien Fournier, the football director of the Gym, at Parisian. I hate to look for excuses, but he had some extenuating circumstances. It’s not 100% yet, but it will pay off eventually. ” Dolberg has in any case restarted the machine in Rennes and can now hope to live a quieter second part of the season, without glitches or hard knocks, and perhaps even with a few smiles.

By Clément Gavard

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