NFL: Tips Week 11: Vikings series breaks – Wilson is subject to bogeyman

Week 11 will be groundbreaking for some teams. The Packers win again, the Cowboys stop the Vikings and the Chiefs extend their lead. Meanwhile, Zach Wilson encounters his bogeyman again.

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NFL Predictions Week 11 2022

Bye Week: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Green Bay Packers (4-6)-Tennessee Titans (6-3) (Fri., 2:15 p.m. live on DAZN)

Is the Packers okay now? After five bankruptcies in a row, the Cowboys were simply beaten – even with 3 touchdowns from Christian Watson, who wasn’t a factor at all until the game. In addition, the run game worked and Aaron Rodgers finally played efficiently again.

The Titans, in turn, got Ryan Tannehill back and defeated the Broncos, who once again got almost nothing on the chain offensively. Ultimately, it was enough to play defensively. Specifically, the pass rush came through – the Titans managed 6 sacks against Russell Wilson. But what do we do with it now?

The Packers had little response to the Cowboys offense, at least for much of the time, but the Titans’ offense isn’t nearly as explosive. But the Packers’ O-Line isn’t over the hill yet, so it could face similar problems as Denver. And then it’s Thursday night, which complicates things even more. That’s why I’m betting on the home team, but without a clear trend.

Tip: Packers vs. Titans 27:24

Atlanta Falcons (4-6) – Chicago Bears (3-7) (Sun., 7 p.m. live on DAZN)

A game with a lot of chaos potential is announced in Atlanta. The Falcons put on an abysmal performance against the Panthers and again one has to wonder where exactly the journey is going from here. And with which quarterback? But apparently this remains Marcus Mariota. And that ties into the general approach of betting on the run game game. Defensively they have problems against the run.

The latter could work in the Bears’ favour, especially now that they seem to have figured out how to use Justin Fields. Fields and the offense have been playing in strong form for a few weeks now, only the results are missing, but this is exclusively due to their own defense, which, unsurprisingly, apparently did not cope with the departures of Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith. And so it boils down to a game with many points. But this time with a Bears win because they now have more firepower.

Tip: Falcons vs. Bears 26:30

Buffalo Bills (6-3) v Cleveland Browns (3-6) (Sun., 7 p.m.)

If the past few weeks have shown anything, it’s that the Bills remain vulnerable. Previously they lost to the Jets thanks to a strong defensive performance by the opponents, but this time their own defense wasn’t good enough to keep the Vikings in check. In addition, Josh Allen again made a serious mistake at the end. But is this a trend now?

In other words, is it perhaps due to Josh Allen’s elbow problem that he’s just a little lacking in precision? But that wouldn’t explain the pick at the end either. But what can be said is that the air defenses have already failed twice. The Browns are also good on the ground.

And that’s the approach for Cleveland, too. They should try to force their game on the Bills early on. Because the Browns only have a chance these days if they manage to keep the game open for a long time. They don’t win a shootout, which the recent game against Miami made clear. In the end, however, the Bills’ mini-crisis will come to an end, as I don’t think the Browns will be able to keep up for very long.

Tip: Bills vs. Browns 28:20

Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1) v Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) (Sun., 7 p.m.)

You can pretty much see how crazy Week 10 was with these two teams. With a totally inexperienced head coach – and play caller – the Colts won against a team that was somehow even less prepared. And the Eagles stumbled for the first time this season, negating a late stop with an unnecessary roughness penalty at the kneel down (!). Both were basically completely absurd.

So now the question arises whether the performance of the previous week can be any indicator for the upcoming tasks. Basically, we’re talking about a mental thing here, because if everything goes normally, the Eagles will win this game. They have the better team, the better coaching staff and without all their own mistakes (4 turnovers) they would probably still be unbeaten in the end. You’ve lost once, but are stable enough to dismiss this setback as a one-time slip. On the other hand, I don’t think the Colts will get away as easily as they did against the Raiders.

Tip: Colts vs. Eagles 17:27

New England Patriots (5-4) v New York Jets (6-3) (Sun., 7 p.m.)

Here we go again! After the Patriots’ 17-17 win in Week 8 in New York, the two now meet again and this is a game changer especially for New England. Not only is it the first of three in 12 days, it’s also the game that will decide whether Foxboro can still have any realistic hopes of making the playoffs. Because then it’s against the Vikings and Bills, which are again different calibers.

Ultimately, however, the same question remains for this encounter as three weeks ago: Will Zach Wilson succeed in decoding Belichick’s defense? Back then he threw three interceptions and was the decisive man – in a negative sense. The Jets then managed their sensational victory over the Bills, who play more “straight up” defensively in comparison, so the reads are easier. It will also be crucial whether the Jets manage to get their own run game going this time, which didn’t work at all at the time.

Last but not least you have to see what kind of form Mac Jones is showing this time. He’s had a bye week to continue recovering from his ankle injury and will now be the focus. Can he shake off his recent lethargy and return to last year’s form? A lot of question marks in this division game. In the end, I still think pats defense is too big a problem for Wilson.

Tip: Patriots vs. Jets 20:17

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