NFL: Commentary on the NFL premiere in Munich: Roger, give us more!

The NFL has finally arrived in Germany and experienced a terrific premiere, which particularly impressed those involved – the players and coaches. Munich presented itself from its best side. The NFL is now almost forced to quickly increase the number of games. A comment from SPOX editor Marcus Blumberg.

It’s no secret that the NFL is booming in Germany. Over 800,000 people had registered for the allocation of tickets for the game in Munich, according to NFL information there were inquiries for over three million tickets – of course the Allianz Arena was sold out with 69,811 spectators.

However, what no one knew beforehand was how these fans, coming from all over Germany and certainly other parts of the world, would react to the game. And the conclusion can only be this: It was an incredibly good atmosphere, the audience was loud, they generally reacted to plays as they should and there was a big party.

The players and coaches loved it. Tom Brady called this game “one of the greatest football experiences I’ve ever had.” And that in 23 years in the league. Others called the tuning “electric” in unison. For this reason alone, this German premiere can be considered a complete success.

Following on from that, you have to take Commissioner Roger Goodell at his word, who indicated to fans on Saturday that there could well be more than one game per year in Germany in the near future. Munich has shown that this event is very well received here and that the NFL football atmosphere suits it very well.

NFL in Munich: “Epic” atmosphere in the Allianz Arena

Until 2025 – until now – one game per year is planned, once in Munich and twice in Frankfurt. But the game in Munich should have overshadowed everything that was previously in London, for example. At the latest as the whole stadium intoned “Country Roads” by John Denver – Brady called it “epic” – must have spilled over the mood all over the world.

The example of London shows how a national presence can be carefully built up. From 2007 to 2012 there was one game in the UK, in 2013 there were two, from 2014 there were three and in 2017 even four once. But with Goodell’s recent words, this growth could be faster in Germany, also because the league is already firmly anchored in Europe thanks to London. If you look at the London development, at the end of the current Germany deal we might not be talking at all only of two games, but maybe even three.

The expansion to 17 games per team per season makes more international games more likely anyway, because even if a team that has nine home games concedes one, there are still the usual eight, so you lose nothing. This is how the Packers were convinced to come to London for the first time this year.

The NFL uses the international games primarily to advertise the sport and its own brand. Such events in Germany can only be positive. If this is indeed the most important European market, one should maximize the potential as soon as possible.

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